Seventh-day Adventist Satellite

Galaxy 19 Channels*

This is the complete listing of TV channels that should be available on the Galaxy 19 satellite. If you are not receiving any of these channels, try rescanning with your receiver using the TP and SR for the channel you are missing. The channel listings are constantly changing as new stations are added, stations are rearranged on the satellite, or stations move to a different satellite. These listings were last checked on August 31st.

Use the boxes below the column titles to filter the rows in the table, and the arrow next to each column title to sort the rows.

TV(CBS feeds)
TV(Warner Bros feeds)
TVQazaq TV51151.
Radio3ABN Radio LatinoSpa3133
Radio3ABN Radio Music ChannelEng3004
Radio3ABN Radio NetworkEng3111
RadioAlQuran AlkaremAra7027
RadioCJTL RadioEng3014
RadioChaîne 1Ara1533
RadioCityLife RadioEng3003
RadioDuna World RádióHun3009
RadioEmarat FMAra2101
RadioFaith RadioEng2502
RadioGlas HrvatskeHrv2702
RadioHoly Quran Radio (Oman)Ara211
RadioHoly Quran Radio (Sudan)Ara2109
RadioJeddah RadioAra4523
RadioKSL NewsradioEng1160
RadioKuwait Radio OneAra7007
RadioKuwait Radio TwoAra7017
RadioLifeTalk RadioEng3112
RadioLifeTalk TranslatorEng3113
RadioQatar RadioAra2108
RadioQuran KareemAra2117
RadioQuran RadioAra3535
RadioRDP InternacionalPor901
RadioRadio 74 InternationaleEng3122
RadioRadio Algérie Internationale1534
RadioRadio BaghdadAra2112
RadioRadio CongoFre182
RadioRadio Libertad3026
RadioRadio MaryjaPol1044
RadioRadio MegaFre45
RadioRadio Mir MedjugorjeHrv2802
RadioRadio NaciónSpa62
RadioRadio OmanAra2110
RadioRiyadh RadioAra1324
RadioSSBC RadioAra2217
RadioSaudia Radio3140
RadioSharjah RadioAra1322
RadioSputnik International3027
RadioTRT TSRTur2102
RadioThe Liberty Radio NetworkEng3006
RadioThe OvercomerEng3015
RadioUmdurman RadioAra2106
RadioVoice of Turkey World2202
RadioVoix du SahelFre4123
RadioWRN English North AmericaEng49

* Channel listings obtained from