Seventh-day Adventist Satellite

Speakers Aired on Amazing Facts

NameShowsSeriesLast Shown
Pastor Doug Batchelor304Pastor Doug's Weekly Message, A New Revelation, Landmarks of Prophecy, Time is Ticking Away, etcFeb 29th, 20242024-02-29listingsshows
Doug Batchelor24LIVE Bible Answers Live, RERUN Bible Answers Live, 3ABN On the Road, Friday Night Live, etcFeb 29th, 20242024-02-29listingsshowsdetails
Stephen Bohr126The Three Angels Message, Anchor School of Theology - The Hebrew Religious Calendar, Cracking the Genesis Code, The Secrets of Pentecost, etcFeb 22nd, 20242024-02-22listingsshowsdetails
Shawn Boonstra81Authentic #6, It Is Written, Revelation Speaks Peace, Authentic, etcFeb 29th, 20242024-02-29listingsshowsdetails
Tamar Boswell1Trials to TriumphNov 15th, 20232023-11-15listingsshows
John Bradshaw75Revelation Today - The Mysteries Revealed, Answers in Prophecy, Take Charge of Your Health, Babylon Rising, etcFeb 24th, 20242024-02-24listingsshows
Kenneth Cox96Revelation of Jesus Christ, Anchors of Truth, The Revelation of Jesus Christ, Celebrating Life in Recovery, etcFeb 22nd, 20242024-02-22listingsshowsdetails
Pastor Aron Crews2Trials to TriumphDec 13th, 20232023-12-13listingsshows
Joe Crews23Joe Crews Video SermonsFeb 24th, 20242024-02-24listingsshows
David DeRose25Healing Insights from the Gospel of Mark, Special PresentationsFeb 23rd, 20242024-02-23listingsshows
Dr. K'dee Elsen1Trials to TriumphNov 29th, 20232023-11-29listingsshows
Dr. K'dee Elsen1Trials to TriumphOct 18th, 20232023-10-18listingsshows
Mark Finley77Three Cosmic Messages: Earth's Final Conflict, Revived by the Spirit, Standing at the Crossroads, Eternal Truths Matter, etcFeb 29th, 20242024-02-29listingsshowsdetails
Eric Flickinger27It Is Written Sabbath SchoolFeb 24th, 20242024-02-24listingsshows
Fountainview20God So Loved the World, Fall, God So Loved the World, Winter, Christmas Concert 2021, Go Tell it on the Mountain, etcFeb 24th, 20242024-02-24listingsshows
Daniel Hudgens1Trials to TriumphOct 25th, 20232023-10-25listingsshows
Noah Justice18Awesome ScienceMar 1st, 20242024-03-01listingsshows
Gary Kent49The Incredible Journey, Season 2, The Incredible Journey, The Incredible Journey, Season 3Feb 27th, 20242024-02-27listingsshows
Chad Kreuzer35That You May Know You Have Eternal Life, Did Darwin Murder God?, other, Eight Secrets to Ancient Health, etcFeb 17th, 20242024-02-17listingsshows
Scotty Mayer6Battlefield Hollywood, Pseudology : The Art of Lying, 3ABN TodayFeb 17th, 20242024-02-17listingsshows
Brian McMahon23Prophecy UnsealedFeb 23rd, 20242024-02-23listingsshows
Carissa McSherry1Amazing DisciplesFeb 17th, 20242024-02-17listingsshows
Carlos Muñoz2Amazing Doctrines, Trials to TriumphNov 22nd, 20232023-11-22listingsshows
Dr. Phodidas Ndamyumugabe2Trials to TriumphDec 27th, 20232023-12-27listingsshows
Janice Nelson22Country WisdomFeb 23rd, 20242024-02-23listingsshows
Other4Amazing DoctrinesOct 28th, 20232023-10-28listingsshows
Taj Pacleb30Agents of Change, Anchors of Truth, The Art of End-Time Preaching, Love Me, etcFeb 24th, 20242024-02-24listingsshows
Adam Ramdin36Lineage Journey, Season 1, Lineage, 3ABN Today, Undaunted Courage, etcMar 1st, 20242024-03-01listingsshows
Scott Ritsema97Digital Disconnect, Media on the Brain, Second Beast Rising, The Seven Deadly Myths in Christianity, etcFeb 29th, 20242024-02-29listingsshows
Pastor Luccas Rodor1Trials to TriumphNov 1st, 20232023-11-01listingsshows
Jëan Ross2RERUN Bible Answers Live, LIVE Bible Answers LiveFeb 24th, 20242024-02-24listingsshows
Jëan Ross2LIVE Bible Answers Live, RERUN Bible Answers LiveOct 1st, 20232023-10-01listingsshows
Pastor Jëan Ross1Amazing DoctrinesSep 30th, 20232023-09-30listingsshows
Jean Ross17Bible Answers Live, RERUN Bible Answers Live, LIVE Bible Answers LiveFeb 29th, 20242024-02-29listingsshows
David Shin7Undaunted Courage, Michigan Conference Camp Meeting, ASI Conventions, 3ABN On the RoadFeb 28th, 20242024-02-28listingsshows
Randy Skeete31A Closer Look, Roots of Truth, Roots of Truth, A Line of Distinction, etcFeb 26th, 20242024-02-26listingsshows
TBA1Special PresentationDec 30th, 20232023-12-30listingsshows
Various91Church Sermons, Starting with Jesus, Starting With Jesus 2024, Receiving the Word, etcFeb 24th, 20242024-02-24listingsshows
Steve Wohlberg67Good News For Muslims, His Voice Today, Multitude of Counselors, Summer Camp Meeting, etcFeb 29th, 20242024-02-29listingsshows