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Speakers Aired on Dare to Dream

NameShowsSeriesLast Shown
Strings N Harmony (duo)1Magnify HimFeb 9th, 20242024-02-09listingsshows
Aaron1Celebrating Life in RecoveryOct 23rd, 20232023-10-23listingsshows
Holbrook Academy1Celebrating Life in RecoveryOct 13th, 20232023-10-13listingsshows
Wale Adepoju1New Journey, TheJan 21st, 20242024-01-21listingsshows
Stephen Adetumbi6Love MeFeb 28th, 20242024-02-28listingsshows
Dean Akers CEO of Airheads1Action 4 LifeFeb 18th, 20242024-02-18listingsshows
Creig Allen1Free IndeedFeb 29th, 20242024-02-29listingsshows
David Allen1Celebrating Life in RecoveryDec 13th, 20232023-12-13listingsshows
Pr. Wyatt Allen1Urban ReportFeb 6th, 20242024-02-06listingsshows
Tim Allston1Multitude of CounselorsDec 29th, 20232023-12-29listingsshows
Monique Anderson3Action 4 Life, Taste of ParadiseMar 1st, 20242024-03-01listingsshows
Jemuel & Donna Anderson1Magnify HimJan 20th, 20242024-01-20listingsshows
Dajanae Anderson13Pure ChoicesFeb 8th, 20242024-02-08listingsshows
Jeremy Anderson7Pure ChoicesNov 22nd, 20232023-11-22listingsshows
Traci Anderson2Pure ChoicesNov 19th, 20232023-11-19listingsshows
David Anderson5Pure ChoicesNov 24th, 20232023-11-24listingsshows
John Anderson13ABN TodayJan 20th, 20242024-01-20listingsshows
Maxwood Annulus1Pure ChoicesFeb 14th, 20242024-02-14listingsshows
Tiffanie Archie5Taste of ParadiseNov 24th, 20232023-11-24listingsshows
Marcia Armstead1Celebrating Life in RecoveryNov 22nd, 20232023-11-22listingsshows
Pat Arrabito2Multitude of CounselorsJan 24th, 20242024-01-24listingsshows
Joe Asher1Free IndeedFeb 27th, 20242024-02-27listingsshows
David Asscherick110Discover, Eleventh Hour Evidence, 3ABN On the Road, Anchors of Truth, etcMar 1st, 20242024-03-01listingsshowsdetails
Jim Attikson1Celebrating Life in RecoveryDec 18th, 20232023-12-18listingsshows
Tammy Atwood1Free IndeedFeb 25th, 20242024-02-25listingsshows
Alta Austin1Celebrating Life in RecoveryFeb 23rd, 20242024-02-23listingsshows
Joel Avery1Multitude of CounselorsJan 1st, 20242024-01-01listingsshows
Petula Backles1Magnify HimJan 21st, 20242024-01-21listingsshows
Curtis Badger3Today Family Worship, 3ABN Today LIVEFeb 23rd, 20242024-02-23listingsshows
Dara Badger23ABN Today LIVE, Today Family WorshipFeb 23rd, 20242024-02-23listingsshows
Megan Baez1Celebrating Life in RecoveryJan 31st, 20242024-01-31listingsshows
Debbie Baker3ASI Conventions, 3ABN TodayJan 27th, 20242024-01-27listingsshows
Patrick Baker3New Journey, The, Urban ReportFeb 19th, 20242024-02-19listingsshows
Nicole Baker13ABN TodayJan 27th, 20242024-01-27listingsshows
Gregg Baker1Issues and Answers (D2D)Nov 18th, 20232023-11-18listingsshows
Randy Ban1EngageFeb 12th, 20242024-02-12listingsshows
Stephen Barber4For Guys Only.Feb 9th, 20242024-02-09listingsshows
Denise Barclay1Magnify HimFeb 27th, 20242024-02-27listingsshows
Janice Barclay1Dare To Dream Creative CookingJan 4th, 20242024-01-04listingsshows
Denise Barclay-Thompson13ABN Christmas SpecialDec 15th, 20232023-12-15listingsshows
Mitch Barfield1Free IndeedFeb 27th, 20242024-02-27listingsshows
Verianne Barker1Celebrating Life in RecoveryDec 21st, 20232023-12-21listingsshows
Monica Barlow1Celebrating Life in RecoveryFeb 19th, 20242024-02-19listingsshows
Celestine Barry2Magnify Him, Urban ReportJan 23rd, 20242024-01-23listingsshows
Farrah Barry33ABN Christmas Special, Magnify HimFeb 2nd, 20242024-02-02listingsshows
Celestine Barry-Dickens23ABN Christmas SpecialDec 25th, 20232023-12-25listingsshows
Joe Bates1Celebrating Life in RecoveryOct 2nd, 20232023-10-02listingsshows
Melissa Bates1Celebrating Life in RecoveryOct 2nd, 20232023-10-02listingsshows
Brian Bates1Magnify HimJan 25th, 20242024-01-25listingsshows
Ezra Bates1Urban ReportOct 12th, 20232023-10-12listingsshows
David Batson13ABN TodayFeb 16th, 20242024-02-16listingsshows
Pr. Fred Batten2Issues and Answers (D2D)Nov 3rd, 20232023-11-03listingsshows
Kean Baxter7Pure ChoicesFeb 25th, 20242024-02-25listingsshows
Barry Bayles2Action 4 LifeJan 28th, 20242024-01-28listingsshows
Dora Bayles2Action 4 LifeJan 28th, 20242024-01-28listingsshows
J'arius Beck1Free IndeedFeb 27th, 20242024-02-27listingsshows
Jay Beckles1Urban ReportFeb 13th, 20242024-02-13listingsshows
Jay Beckley2New Journey, TheFeb 19th, 20242024-02-19listingsshows
Sarah Behn1Action 4 LifeJan 26th, 20242024-01-26listingsshows
Aaron Bekkela1Celebrating Life in RecoveryDec 28th, 20232023-12-28listingsshows
Stacey Bekkela1Celebrating Life in RecoveryDec 29th, 20232023-12-29listingsshows
Nila & Torre Belle1Live to Be WellDec 9th, 20232023-12-09listingsshows
Kessia Reyne Bennett1Multitude of CounselorsFeb 27th, 20242024-02-27listingsshows
Jermaine Bentley1New Journey, TheFeb 16th, 20242024-02-16listingsshows
Christian Berdahl2Love Me, Celebrating Life in RecoveryFeb 21st, 20242024-02-21listingsshows
Jason Bergmann11Kids Camp Ready, Set, X-Plore, 3ABN Today, 3ABN Today LIVE, 3ABN HomecomingMar 1st, 20242024-03-01listingsshows
Francine Bergmann8Kids X-Press, 3ABN Homecoming, 3ABN Today LIVE, 3ABN Christmas SpecialJan 31st, 20242024-01-31listingsshows
Arthur Berry1Live to Be WellFeb 2nd, 20242024-02-02listingsshows
Maxine Bethea1Urban ReportDec 24th, 20232023-12-24listingsshows
Steve Bewley1Free IndeedFeb 20th, 20242024-02-20listingsshows
Jason & Rachael Bickal1Celebrating Life in RecoveryOct 26th, 20232023-10-26listingsshows
Bill1Action 4 LifeFeb 23rd, 20242024-02-23listingsshows
Chap. Barry Black1Love MeFeb 10th, 20242024-02-10listingsshows
Wayne Blakely31Pure Choices, Strategies for Strongholds, Celebrating Life in RecoveryFeb 27th, 20242024-02-27listingsshows
Dr. Dedrick Blue5Foundation of Our Faith, Urban ReportFeb 24th, 20242024-02-24listingsshows
Ken Blundell1Celebrating Life in RecoveryMar 1st, 20242024-03-01listingsshows
Sherry Blundell1Celebrating Life in RecoveryMar 1st, 20242024-03-01listingsshows
Rick Blythe1Urban ReportJan 16th, 20242024-01-16listingsshows
Grace Bondurant1Life After ChoiceDec 15th, 20232023-12-15listingsshows
Franz Mentor (Mr. Boom)1Live to Be WellFeb 15th, 20242024-02-15listingsshows
Shirwanda Boone1Free IndeedFeb 15th, 20242024-02-15listingsshows
Shawn Boonstra81Authentic #6, It Is Written, Revelation Speaks Peace, Authentic, etcFeb 29th, 20242024-02-29listingsshowsdetails
Yzabelle & Ezekiel Bourne1Taste of ParadiseNov 25th, 20232023-11-25listingsshows
Samara Bowden2Kids Praise Too!, Magnify HimFeb 24th, 20242024-02-24listingsshows
James Bowman1Magnify HimFeb 17th, 20242024-02-17listingsshows
Vince Boyd1Free IndeedFeb 29th, 20242024-02-29listingsshows
Yvonne Lewis-Shelton & Jason Bra13ABN TodaySep 29th, 20232023-09-29listingsshows
Jason Bradley257Urban Report, Unshackled Purpose, Intimate Clarity, 3ABN Today, etcMar 1st, 20242024-03-01listingsshows
John Dinzey Jason Bradley43ABN Homecoming, Summer Camp MeetingFeb 5th, 20242024-02-05listingsshows
& Jason Bradley1Urban Report LongJan 27th, 20242024-01-27listingsshows
Pastor Balvin Braham13ABN Worship HourFeb 18th, 20242024-02-18listingsshows
James Brandon9Pure ChoicesNov 25th, 20232023-11-25listingsshows
Nicole Braxton12Dare To Dream Creative CookingDec 21st, 20232023-12-21listingsshows
Reidland Bredy5From Sickness to HealthMar 1st, 20242024-03-01listingsshows
Sherry-Lynne Bredy5From Sickness to HealthMar 1st, 20242024-03-01listingsshows
Jack Bridges1Celebrating Life in RecoveryFeb 7th, 20242024-02-07listingsshows
Misti Brockin1Celebrating Life in RecoveryFeb 22nd, 20242024-02-22listingsshows
Lecia Marr Bromley13ABN TodayDec 1st, 20232023-12-01listingsshows
Nadine Brooks3Action 4 LifeFeb 7th, 20242024-02-07listingsshows
Princess Brooks1Magnify HimFeb 8th, 20242024-02-08listingsshows
Clif Brooks13ABN TodayFeb 17th, 20242024-02-17listingsshows
Richie & Timari Brower2Celebrating Life in RecoveryJan 2nd, 20242024-01-02listingsshows
Dahlia Brown1Celebrating Life in RecoveryOct 3rd, 20232023-10-03listingsshows
Daphne Brown1Celebrating Life in RecoveryOct 3rd, 20232023-10-03listingsshows
Monique Brown3Taste of Paradise, 3ABN On the RoadFeb 7th, 20242024-02-07listingsshows
Moses Brown33ABN Music Highlights, Magnify HimFeb 17th, 20242024-02-17listingsshows
Lance Brown2Urban ReportOct 24th, 20232023-10-24listingsshows
Pr. Moses Brown1Urban Report LongDec 16th, 20232023-12-16listingsshows
Keith L. Brown1Urban ReportFeb 20th, 20242024-02-20listingsshows
Pr. Edward Bryan4Foundation of Our FaithNov 18th, 20232023-11-18listingsshows
Reginald & Marquand Buchanan1Celebrating Life in RecoveryOct 24th, 20232023-10-24listingsshows
Cheri Buckner-Webb1Celebrating Life in RecoveryFeb 2nd, 20242024-02-02listingsshows
Izhar Buendia1Action 4 LifeFeb 25th, 20242024-02-25listingsshows
Elticia Buisson1Magnify HimMar 1st, 20242024-03-01listingsshows
Jason Bulgin3Magnify Him, Urban Report, New Journey, TheJan 30th, 20242024-01-30listingsshows
Kimberly Bulgin1Magnify HimFeb 1st, 20242024-02-01listingsshows
William Bumphus1Free IndeedFeb 20th, 20242024-02-20listingsshows
Ben Burkhamer1Action 4 LifeFeb 29th, 20242024-02-29listingsshows
Pam Burleigh1Magnify HimJan 24th, 20242024-01-24listingsshows
Rhonda Burnett1Celebrating Life in RecoveryOct 12th, 20232023-10-12listingsshows
Dexter Burns1Free IndeedFeb 15th, 20242024-02-15listingsshows
Dwayne Caines1Urban ReportOct 17th, 20232023-10-17listingsshows
Wayne Caines1Urban ReportOct 17th, 20232023-10-17listingsshows
Lydia Calhoun2From Sickness to HealthJan 5th, 20242024-01-05listingsshows
Carmen Calhoun1Magnify HimFeb 29th, 20242024-02-29listingsshows
Kendi Callender13ABN TodayNov 3rd, 20232023-11-03listingsshows
Eric Camarillo53ABN Today, Urban Report, Multitude of CounselorsMar 1st, 20242024-03-01listingsshows
Lara Campbell2Free IndeedFeb 22nd, 20242024-02-22listingsshows
Dwight Campbell1New Journey, TheJan 15th, 20242024-01-15listingsshows
Adly Campos13Perfecting MeFeb 29th, 20242024-02-29listingsshows
Michael Carducci34Strategies for Strongholds, Pure Choices, 3ABN Today, Multitude of CounselorsFeb 28th, 20242024-02-28listingsshows
Mike Carducci19Pure ChoicesMar 1st, 20242024-03-01listingsshows
Chelsea Carena23ABN Today, !Dna 3ABN TodayJan 6th, 20242024-01-06listingsshows
Kevin Carey1Free IndeedFeb 28th, 20242024-02-28listingsshows
Lee Carrell4Pumped Up ParentsFeb 29th, 20242024-02-29listingsshows
Laketia Carrell2Pumped Up ParentsFeb 15th, 20242024-02-15listingsshows
Lyndon Carriger16Magnify HimFeb 25th, 20242024-02-25listingsshows
Melodie Carter1Magnify HimFeb 26th, 20242024-02-26listingsshows
Jamar Carter1Magnify HimFeb 28th, 20242024-02-28listingsshows
Britney Carter1New Journey, TheFeb 22nd, 20242024-02-22listingsshows
Zoe Winston Cartwright1Pure ChoicesFeb 13th, 20242024-02-13listingsshows
Dee Casper27Raw Questions Relevant Answers, Multitude of Counselors, Urban ReportMar 1st, 20242024-03-01listingsshows
Sarah Casper1Urban ReportDec 29th, 20232023-12-29listingsshows
Dee Casper.1Raw Questions Relevant AnswersOct 21st, 20232023-10-21listingsshows
Rod & Mary Cassidy1Urban ReportJan 18th, 20242024-01-18listingsshows
Jonathan Castells13ABN TodayJan 27th, 20242024-01-27listingsshows
Pr. Steve Caza1Issues and Answers (D2D)Nov 24th, 20232023-11-24listingsshows
Christina Ceccoto8Multitude of CounselorsFeb 28th, 20242024-02-28listingsshows
Christina Cecetto1Multitude of CounselorsFeb 20th, 20242024-02-20listingsshows
Christina Cecotto9Multitude of CounselorsFeb 14th, 20242024-02-14listingsshows
Trent Chance2Action 4 LifeFeb 28th, 20242024-02-28listingsshows
Bruce & Tammy Chance1Urban ReportJan 8th, 20242024-01-08listingsshows
Gwen & Vonzell Chancy1Celebrating Life in RecoveryOct 23rd, 20232023-10-23listingsshows
Aaron Chancy37New Journey, The, Urban ReportMar 1st, 20242024-03-01listingsshows
Andre Chapman1Magnify HimFeb 23rd, 20242024-02-23listingsshows
Mervyn Chapman1Magnify HimFeb 23rd, 20242024-02-23listingsshows
Michael Charles1Urban ReportOct 11th, 20232023-10-11listingsshows
Britney Charles1Magnify HimMar 1st, 20242024-03-01listingsshows
Chef Chew6Taste of ParadiseFeb 24th, 20242024-02-24listingsshows
Chef G.W. Chew13Chew's ChallengeFeb 27th, 20242024-02-27listingsshows
Tina Chew25Chew's ChallengeFeb 27th, 20242024-02-27listingsshows
Chef C.W. Chew1Chew's ChallengeFeb 3rd, 20242024-02-03listingsshows
Chef G.W Chew3Chew's ChallengeFeb 24th, 20242024-02-24listingsshows
Chef G. W. Chew2Chew's ChallengeJan 30th, 20242024-01-30listingsshows
GW Chew1Urban ReportOct 29th, 20232023-10-29listingsshows
G.W. Chew1Urban ReportNov 21st, 20232023-11-21listingsshows
Kezia Chisholm6Strategies for Strongholds, 3ABN TodayMar 1st, 20242024-03-01listingsshows
Thank Chiwaya1Pure ChoicesJan 13th, 20242024-01-13listingsshows
Jay Christian23ABN Today LIVENov 28th, 20232023-11-28listingsshows
Sveta Christian13ABN Today LIVENov 28th, 20232023-11-28listingsshows
Brian Cladoosby1Celebrating Life in RecoveryJan 29th, 20242024-01-29listingsshows
Frances Clark3Action 4 Life, Body and Spirit Aerobics, Body and Spirit (new)Feb 19th, 20242024-02-19listingsshows
Dan & Angela Clark1Celebrating Life in RecoveryOct 25th, 20232023-10-25listingsshows
Bryant Clark1Free IndeedFeb 7th, 20242024-02-07listingsshows
Reginald & Ebony Clark4Issues and Answers (D2D)Dec 30th, 20232023-12-30listingsshows
Andy Clark1Action 4 LifeFeb 22nd, 20242024-02-22listingsshows
Ebony Clark2Urban Report, 3ABN TodayFeb 10th, 20242024-02-10listingsshows
Camille Clark3From Sickness to HealthFeb 23rd, 20242024-02-23listingsshows
Bobbie Clavon1Magnify HimFeb 15th, 20242024-02-15listingsshows
Ray Clay1New Journey, TheJan 11th, 20242024-01-11listingsshows
Janet Claymore1Celebrating Life in RecoveryOct 11th, 20232023-10-11listingsshows
Louis Cleare1Urban ReportDec 27th, 20232023-12-27listingsshows
John Coaxum9Pure ChoicesDec 7th, 20232023-12-07listingsshows
Andrew Cole1Free IndeedFeb 14th, 20242024-02-14listingsshows
Tyler Coleman2EngageFeb 7th, 20242024-02-07listingsshows
David Coleman1Magnify HimDec 24th, 20232023-12-24listingsshows
Brian Collier1Free IndeedFeb 20th, 20242024-02-20listingsshows
Nyse Collins100Taste of Paradise, Celebrating Life in RecoveryMar 1st, 20242024-03-01listingsshows
Dr. James Comer1Urban ReportDec 5th, 20232023-12-05listingsshows
Galen Comstock2Action 4 LifeJan 29th, 20242024-01-29listingsshows
Paul Coneff17Multitude of CounselorsMar 1st, 20242024-03-01listingsshows
Steven Conway14When We Talk, Urban ReportFeb 28th, 20242024-02-28listingsshows
Tamara Conway14When We Talk, Urban ReportFeb 28th, 20242024-02-28listingsshows
Apryl Cordry1Celebrating Life in RecoveryJan 24th, 20242024-01-24listingsshows
Chris Corzine1Celebrating Life in RecoveryJan 17th, 20242024-01-17listingsshows
Edwin M Cotto1Celebrating Life in RecoveryOct 6th, 20232023-10-06listingsshows
Counterpoint1Magnify HimFeb 16th, 20242024-02-16listingsshows
Clive Coutet23ABN TodayNov 11th, 20232023-11-11listingsshows
Kenneth Cox96Revelation of Jesus Christ, Anchors of Truth, The Revelation of Jesus Christ, Celebrating Life in Recovery, etcFeb 22nd, 20242024-02-22listingsshowsdetails
Shawn Craig1Urban ReportNov 9th, 20232023-11-09listingsshows
Carmela Monk Crawford1Urban ReportNov 7th, 20232023-11-07listingsshows
CMA Bike Crew1Celebrating Life in RecoverySep 29th, 20232023-09-29listingsshows
Aron Crews203ABN Kids Camp Bible Gems, Multitude of Counselors, Bible Answers LiveFeb 23rd, 20242024-02-23listingsshows
Kimberly Crider1Urban ReportJan 17th, 20242024-01-17listingsshows
Kinjii Cuington2Taste of ParadiseDec 25th, 20232023-12-25listingsshows
Lynne Thompson Cundiff3Action 4 LifeFeb 26th, 20242024-02-26listingsshows
John Cunningham1EngageFeb 10th, 20242024-02-10listingsshows
Josh Cunningham1EngageFeb 15th, 20242024-02-15listingsshows
Ethan Currier13ABN TodayFeb 17th, 20242024-02-17listingsshows
Frances Czeizinger2Action 4 Life, Body and Spirit (new)Feb 13th, 20242024-02-13listingsshows
Jennifer Jill Schwirzer Robert D1Multitude of CounselorsFeb 6th, 20242024-02-06listingsshows
Jennifer Jill Schwirzer Robert D1Multitude of CounselorsFeb 7th, 20242024-02-07listingsshows
Jennifer Jill Schwirzer Robert D1Multitude of CounselorsFeb 9th, 20242024-02-09listingsshows
Jennifer Jill Schwirzer Robert D1Multitude of CounselorsFeb 12th, 20242024-02-12listingsshows
Jennifer Jill Schwirzer Robert D1Multitude of CounselorsFeb 13th, 20242024-02-13listingsshows
Jennifer Jill Schwirzer Robert D1Multitude of CounselorsFeb 14th, 20242024-02-14listingsshows
Jennifer Jill Schwirzer Robert D1Multitude of CounselorsFeb 16th, 20242024-02-16listingsshows
Jennifer Jill Schwirzer Robert D1Multitude of CounselorsFeb 19th, 20242024-02-19listingsshows
Jennifer Jill Schwirzer Robert D1Multitude of CounselorsFeb 20th, 20242024-02-20listingsshows
Jennifer Jill Schwirzer Robert D1Multitude of CounselorsFeb 2nd, 20242024-02-02listingsshows
Jennifer Jill Schwirzer Robert D1Multitude of CounselorsFeb 5th, 20242024-02-05listingsshows
Steve Darmody7Love Me, 3ABN Christmas SpecialFeb 28th, 20242024-02-28listingsshowsdetails
Brenda Bradley Davila23ABN Today, !Dna 3ABN TodayJan 6th, 20242024-01-06listingsshows
Justin Davis1Magnify HimFeb 21st, 20242024-02-21listingsshows
Lyndon Davis23ABN Today, Urban ReportFeb 25th, 20242024-02-25listingsshows
Alma G. Davis1Urban ReportDec 4th, 20232023-12-04listingsshows
Robert Davison3Multitude of CounselorsFeb 21st, 20242024-02-21listingsshows
Rob Davison4Multitude of CounselorsFeb 27th, 20242024-02-27listingsshows
Darryl Davison1Live to Be WellDec 23rd, 20232023-12-23listingsshows
Ryan Day1453ABN Today, Praise Him NOW, 3ABN Today Bible Q&A, 3ABN Today LIVE, etcMar 1st, 20242024-03-01listingsshows
Dakota Day43ABN Today LIVE, Today Family Worship, Behold the Lamb Presents, 3ABN TodayDec 16th, 20232023-12-16listingsshows
David Shin Ryan Day13ABN HomecomingOct 3rd, 20232023-10-03listingsshows
Nicole Day1Celebrating Life in RecoveryJan 24th, 20242024-01-24listingsshows
Andrea Deckert2Strategies for Strongholds, Pure ChoicesJan 20th, 20242024-01-20listingsshows
Craig DeMartino1Celebrating Life in RecoveryOct 16th, 20232023-10-16listingsshows
Brandon Dent27For Guys Only., Live to Be WellMar 1st, 20242024-03-01listingsshows
Ashley Desormeau1Celebrating Life in RecoveryDec 6th, 20232023-12-06listingsshows
Keith Detweiler13ABN TodayNov 3rd, 20232023-11-03listingsshows
Keith Detwieler13ABN TodayDec 2nd, 20232023-12-02listingsshows
Pr. Curt Dewitt1Live to Be WellDec 14th, 20232023-12-14listingsshows
Sasha Diambois1Pure ChoicesFeb 14th, 20242024-02-14listingsshows
Dominique Diambois1Pure ChoicesFeb 16th, 20242024-02-16listingsshows
Celestine Dickens63ABN Christmas Special, Praise Him NOW, Summer Camp MeetingFeb 26th, 20242024-02-26listingsshows
Travonne Dillon1New Journey, TheFeb 5th, 20242024-02-05listingsshows
Idalia Dinzey34Today Cooking, 3ABN Today Bible Q&A, 3ABN Today LIVE, Action 4 Life, etcFeb 29th, 20242024-02-29listingsshows
John Dinzey107Foundation of Our Faith, 3ABN Today, 3ABN Today Bible Q&A, 3ABN Today LIVE, etcMar 1st, 20242024-03-01listingsshows
John Lomacang John Dinzey23ABN HomecomingJan 29th, 20242024-01-29listingsshows
Jonathan Dixon1Magnify HimJan 23rd, 20242024-01-23listingsshows
Roy Dockery1Urban ReportOct 23rd, 20232023-10-23listingsshows
Ashley Dodson1Celebrating Life in RecoveryFeb 13th, 20242024-02-13listingsshows
Jeff Doerr43ABN Today, 3ABN Today LIVEDec 7th, 20232023-12-07listingsshows
Charlett Doerr13ABN Today LIVENov 23rd, 20232023-11-23listingsshows
Charletta Doerr13ABN Today LIVENov 28th, 20232023-11-28listingsshows
Jamel Dorsett1Live to Be WellJan 19th, 20242024-01-19listingsshows
Ruben Dorsey1Free IndeedFeb 15th, 20242024-02-15listingsshows
Michelle Doucoumes24Raw Questions Relevant AnswersMar 1st, 20242024-03-01listingsshows
Micheal Doucoumes2Raw Questions Relevant AnswersFeb 21st, 20242024-02-21listingsshows
Kory P. Douglas8Pure ChoicesFeb 25th, 20242024-02-25listingsshows
Kory Douglas18Pure ChoicesDec 21st, 20232023-12-21listingsshows
Korey P. Douglas9Pure ChoicesDec 8th, 20232023-12-08listingsshows
Kimberly Douglas13Pure ChoicesDec 21st, 20232023-12-21listingsshows
Antionette Duck2Life After ChoiceJan 5th, 20242024-01-05listingsshows
Dustin Duff1Free IndeedFeb 29th, 20242024-02-29listingsshows
Abby Duffy3Life After ChoiceMar 1st, 20242024-03-01listingsshows
Vicki Duffy1Celebrating Life in RecoveryJan 25th, 20242024-01-25listingsshows
Keisha Dukes1Magnify HimFeb 22nd, 20242024-02-22listingsshows
Pastor Dwayne Duncombe1Live to Be WellJan 27th, 20242024-01-27listingsshows
Julianna Dunn23ABN Today, Generation. Youth. Christ.Feb 16th, 20242024-02-16listingsshows
Rachel Dupard1Magnify HimFeb 16th, 20242024-02-16listingsshows
Harmony Dust1Celebrating Life in RecoveryFeb 13th, 20242024-02-13listingsshows
Bob Eads2Today Family Worship, 3ABN Today LIVENov 23rd, 20232023-11-23listingsshows
Alice Eads13ABN Today LIVENov 23rd, 20232023-11-23listingsshows
Paula & Curtis Eakin11Abundant LivingMar 1st, 20242024-03-01listingsshows
Paula Eakin1Urban ReportJan 7th, 20242024-01-07listingsshows
Curtis & Paula Eakins31Abundant Living, Today Cooking, Urban ReportFeb 28th, 20242024-02-28listingsshows
Paula Eakins13Abundant Living, Today CookingJan 30th, 20242024-01-30listingsshows
Curtis Eakins15Abundant Living, Today Cooking, Action 4 Life, Urban ReportFeb 26th, 20242024-02-26listingsshows
Vaughn Edmeade3Pure ChoicesDec 8th, 20232023-12-08listingsshows
Nivischi Edwards12Multitude of CounselorsFeb 20th, 20242024-02-20listingsshows
Narlon Edwards2Urban Report, 3ABN TodayFeb 16th, 20242024-02-16listingsshows
Samantha Edwards2Urban Report, 3ABN TodayFeb 16th, 20242024-02-16listingsshows
Raginee Edwards3Taste of ParadiseJan 2nd, 20242024-01-02listingsshows
Michael Eihm1EngageMar 1st, 20242024-03-01listingsshows
Anthony Elder1Urban ReportJan 29th, 20242024-01-29listingsshows
Brian Eldridge1Free IndeedFeb 19th, 20242024-02-19listingsshows
Lisa Eliuk1Celebrating Life in RecoveryDec 27th, 20232023-12-27listingsshows
Cheri Elledge1Celebrating Life in RecoveryFeb 22nd, 20242024-02-22listingsshows
Timothy Englert1Free IndeedFeb 27th, 20242024-02-27listingsshows
Marcie English3Action 4 LifeFeb 11th, 20242024-02-11listingsshows
Nelson Ernst13ABN TodayDec 30th, 20232023-12-30listingsshows
Mary Lou Erwin1Pure ChoicesJan 19th, 20242024-01-19listingsshows
May Lou Erwin1Pure ChoicesJan 20th, 20242024-01-20listingsshows
Jackie Esposo1EngageFeb 13th, 20242024-02-13listingsshows
Shannon Ethridge1Celebrating Life in RecoveryFeb 6th, 20242024-02-06listingsshows
James Van Etten1Urban ReportFeb 14th, 20242024-02-14listingsshows
Michael & Latisha Fa'asoa1Celebrating Life in RecoveryJan 16th, 20242024-01-16listingsshows
Richardson Family1Magnify HimFeb 24th, 20242024-02-24listingsshows
Sanders Family1Magnify HimFeb 7th, 20242024-02-07listingsshows
Dr. Patricia Ferguson1Live to Be WellFeb 29th, 20242024-02-29listingsshows
Mulissa Sue Fioster1Free IndeedFeb 8th, 20242024-02-08listingsshows
Melody Firestone113ABN Homecoming, Summer Camp Meeting, 3ABN Christmas SpecialFeb 25th, 20242024-02-25listingsshows
Kim Fleming2Magnify Him, 3ABN Christmas SpecialFeb 26th, 20242024-02-26listingsshows
Tresa Fletcher1New Journey, TheFeb 4th, 20242024-02-04listingsshows
Georges J Fleurimond6Perfecting MeFeb 29th, 20242024-02-29listingsshows
Georges J. Fleurimond1Perfecting MeDec 27th, 20232023-12-27listingsshows
Tyler Flower1Action 4 LifeFeb 23rd, 20242024-02-23listingsshows
Monica Flowers1Action 4 LifeFeb 22nd, 20242024-02-22listingsshows
Gabrielle Fowler-Johnson1Magnify HimJan 28th, 20242024-01-28listingsshows
Sidney Fox1Free IndeedFeb 27th, 20242024-02-27listingsshows
Aunt Francine49Creation Is! Science, 3ABN Christmas Special, Jesus My Light, 3ABN Today LIVE, etcMar 1st, 20242024-03-01listingsshows
Errol Franklin1Live to Be WellFeb 2nd, 20242024-02-02listingsshows
Gordon Fraser21A Father's Heart, Urban ReportFeb 25th, 20242024-02-25listingsshows
Dr. Trevor & Edith Fraser1Urban ReportNov 20th, 20232023-11-20listingsshows
William Gailliard1Urban ReportDec 6th, 20232023-12-06listingsshows
Pastor Jay Gallimore1Strategies for StrongholdsDec 22nd, 20232023-12-22listingsshows
Davie John Garcia2A Wolf In Sheep's ClothingJan 25th, 20242024-01-25listingsshows
Wendy Gareau1Urban ReportDec 7th, 20232023-12-07listingsshows
Michael Gayle1Magnify HimFeb 18th, 20242024-02-18listingsshows
Jermaine Gayle23ABN Today, Generation. Youth. Christ.Dec 30th, 20232023-12-30listingsshows
Nathaniel & Jacob Gibbs1EngageFeb 17th, 20242024-02-17listingsshows
Ty Gibson73Table Talk, Anchors of Truth, 3ABN On the RoadMar 1st, 20242024-03-01listingsshowsdetails
Dr. Chandra Gill1Urban ReportFeb 5th, 20242024-02-05listingsshows
Gregory Glaude13ABN TodayFeb 3rd, 20242024-02-03listingsshows
Dr. Eddie Glaude1Urban ReportFeb 22nd, 20242024-02-22listingsshows
Yanita Gonzales2Taste of ParadiseNov 18th, 20232023-11-18listingsshows
Javier Gonzales1Love MeFeb 17th, 20242024-02-17listingsshows
Yanira Gonzalez2Taste of ParadiseFeb 26th, 20242024-02-26listingsshows
Javier Gonzalez5Love MeFeb 24th, 20242024-02-24listingsshows
Lincoln Gordon13ABN TodayFeb 17th, 20242024-02-17listingsshows
Darnell Gordon1Urban ReportJan 3rd, 20242024-01-03listingsshows
Eli Goreé4A Wolf In Sheep's ClothingFeb 25th, 20242024-02-25listingsshows
Doris Gothard1Urban ReportFeb 21st, 20242024-02-21listingsshows
Jelani Grady1Live to Be WellFeb 23rd, 20242024-02-23listingsshows
Micah Grady13ABN TodayFeb 17th, 20242024-02-17listingsshows
Calby Gray1Free IndeedFeb 28th, 20242024-02-28listingsshows
Shandra Gray1Free IndeedFeb 28th, 20242024-02-28listingsshows
Regina Gray1Live to Be WellNov 11th, 20232023-11-11listingsshows
Annette Green1Live to Be WellJan 26th, 20242024-01-26listingsshows
Chanel Green1Taste of ParadiseJan 22nd, 20242024-01-22listingsshows
Donna Green-Goodman1Urban ReportSep 28th, 20232023-09-28listingsshows
Briana Greene1Urban ReportJan 20th, 20242024-01-20listingsshows
Tessa Greenway1Magnify HimFeb 9th, 20242024-02-09listingsshows
Leonard A. Grey13ABN TodayFeb 16th, 20242024-02-16listingsshows
David & Monique Griffin1Magnify HimFeb 14th, 20242024-02-14listingsshows
Monique Griffiths1Magnify HimFeb 19th, 20242024-02-19listingsshows
The Group1Magnify HimJan 30th, 20242024-01-30listingsshows
David Guererro1Multitude of CounselorsFeb 19th, 20242024-02-19listingsshows
David Guerrero15Multitude of CounselorsFeb 26th, 20242024-02-26listingsshows
Davis Guerrero1Multitude of CounselorsJan 1st, 20242024-01-01listingsshows
Jessie Guillaume1Urban ReportDec 30th, 20232023-12-30listingsshows
Jonathan Gustave2Pure ChoicesFeb 15th, 20242024-02-15listingsshows
Ketsia Gustave1Pure ChoicesFeb 15th, 20242024-02-15listingsshows
Kendall Guy2Urban Report, 3ABN TodayFeb 17th, 20242024-02-17listingsshows
Keith Hackle2Pure ChoicesJan 29th, 20242024-01-29listingsshows
John Hairston1Free IndeedFeb 7th, 20242024-02-07listingsshows
Robert Hairston1Free IndeedFeb 7th, 20242024-02-07listingsshows
Susan Hairston1Free IndeedFeb 7th, 20242024-02-07listingsshows
Don & Barbara Hales1Urban ReportDec 12th, 20232023-12-12listingsshows
Josh Haley13ABN TodayJan 27th, 20242024-01-27listingsshows
Dwight Hall1Celebrating Life in RecoveryOct 9th, 20232023-10-09listingsshows
Debbie Hall1Celebrating Life in RecoveryOct 9th, 20232023-10-09listingsshows
Zion Judea Hamilton1Action 4 LifeFeb 18th, 20242024-02-18listingsshows
Adam & Rayne Hamilton1Celebrating Life in RecoveryDec 20th, 20232023-12-20listingsshows
Tracy Hammond1Celebrating Life in RecoveryDec 13th, 20232023-12-13listingsshows
Dr. Nekeshia Hammond1Urban ReportJan 31st, 20242024-01-31listingsshows
Tom Hanlon1Free IndeedFeb 28th, 20242024-02-28listingsshows
Brackin Brown Elledge Hanna1Celebrating Life in RecoveryJan 18th, 20242024-01-18listingsshows
Elise Harboldt1Multitude of CounselorsFeb 28th, 20242024-02-28listingsshows
Thomas Harmon1Free IndeedFeb 19th, 20242024-02-19listingsshows
Michael Harris3Urban Report, Magnify Him, 3ABN TodayFeb 4th, 20242024-02-04listingsshows
Maquel Harris1Taste of ParadiseNov 14th, 20232023-11-14listingsshows
Zedy Harris2Taste of ParadiseNov 26th, 20232023-11-26listingsshows
Cliff & Freddie Harris2Celebrating Life in RecoveryJan 17th, 20242024-01-17listingsshows
Miguel Harris1Pure ChoicesJan 16th, 20242024-01-16listingsshows
Sharonlyn Harrison1Live to Be WellJan 28th, 20242024-01-28listingsshows
Eden Harrison1Live to Be WellNov 18th, 20232023-11-18listingsshows
Dr. Sharonlyn & Marvin Harrison1Live to Be WellNov 26th, 20232023-11-26listingsshows
Danielle Harrison8Pure Choices, Urban ReportJan 25th, 20242024-01-25listingsshows
Dannielle Harrison1Pure ChoicesJan 10th, 20242024-01-10listingsshows
Danielle Harrison.1Pure ChoicesJan 26th, 20242024-01-26listingsshows
Kevin & Tara Hart1Celebrating Life in RecoveryJan 24th, 20242024-01-24listingsshows
Bobbie Hartman1Celebrating Life in RecoveryNov 15th, 20232023-11-15listingsshows
Tammy Hartman1Celebrating Life in RecoveryNov 15th, 20232023-11-15listingsshows
Charles Haugabrooks1Love MeFeb 10th, 20242024-02-10listingsshows
Rick Hayes1Free IndeedFeb 27th, 20242024-02-27listingsshows
Brian Haynes2Taste of ParadiseNov 13th, 20232023-11-13listingsshows
Juliet Van Heerden1Multitude of CounselorsJan 2nd, 20242024-01-02listingsshows
Paul Heflin23ABN Christmas SpecialDec 25th, 20232023-12-25listingsshows
Johnny Henderson2Urban Report, 3ABN TodayJan 28th, 20242024-01-28listingsshows
Paula Henry1Live to Be WellDec 16th, 20232023-12-16listingsshows
Walt Heyer2Pure ChoicesJan 18th, 20242024-01-18listingsshows
Rob Hicks1Free IndeedFeb 29th, 20242024-02-29listingsshows
Tracey Hightower1Live to Be WellFeb 4th, 20242024-02-04listingsshows
Dee Hilderbrand6Action 4 Life, Today Family Worship, Body and Spirit, Today Cooking, etcFeb 9th, 20242024-02-09listingsshows
Rico Hill30From Sickness to Health, Taste of Paradise, Urban ReportMar 1st, 20242024-03-01listingsshows
Brittany Hill10Pure ChoicesDec 8th, 20232023-12-08listingsshows
Nico Hill1Celebrating Life in RecoveryDec 26th, 20232023-12-26listingsshows
Dr. Roland Hill2Foundation of Our FaithDec 30th, 20232023-12-30listingsshows
Brittany Hill-Morales29Pure Choices, A Father's Heart, Urban ReportFeb 8th, 20242024-02-08listingsshows
Pastor Brian Hindman1Life After ChoiceJan 26th, 20242024-01-26listingsshows
Pastor Kymone Hinds1Issues and Answers (D2D)Nov 17th, 20232023-11-17listingsshows
Pr. Kymone Hinds1Issues and Answers (D2D)Dec 1st, 20232023-12-01listingsshows
Greg Hines1New Journey, TheJan 14th, 20242024-01-14listingsshows
HIS1Magnify HimJan 31st, 20242024-01-31listingsshows
Bradley Hite1Action 4 LifeFeb 16th, 20242024-02-16listingsshows
Cleveland Hobdy1Magnify HimFeb 7th, 20242024-02-07listingsshows
Latoya Holloman2New Journey, TheFeb 29th, 20242024-02-29listingsshows
Kenneth Hopkins1Free IndeedFeb 27th, 20242024-02-27listingsshows
Rick Howard9Omega - the Train of Deception Progresses, The Omega Rebellion, New Journey, TheFeb 11th, 20242024-02-11listingsshows
Christopher Hudson9Single Sermons, Foundation of Our Faith, Urban ReportFeb 10th, 20242024-02-10listingsshows
Chris Hudson3Urban Report, Special FeatureMar 1st, 20242024-03-01listingsshows
Pat Humphrey1Urban ReportOct 8th, 20232023-10-08listingsshows
Art Humphrey1Urban ReportOct 8th, 20232023-10-08listingsshows
Felicia Hunter1Live to Be WellFeb 9th, 20242024-02-09listingsshows
Angela & Joseph Hyde1Issues and Answers (D2D)Nov 11th, 20232023-11-11listingsshows
Rachel Hyman4Love MeFeb 28th, 20242024-02-28listingsshows
G. Paul Foster II1New Journey, TheFeb 1st, 20242024-02-01listingsshows
Dr. Jean Wright II9Multitude of CounselorsMar 1st, 20242024-03-01listingsshows
Pr. David Steed II1Issues and Answers (D2D)Oct 13th, 20232023-10-13listingsshows
Pr. Furman Fordham II4Foundation of Our FaithDec 2nd, 20232023-12-02listingsshows
Michael Boddie II1Urban ReportFeb 17th, 20242024-02-17listingsshows
Pr. David Steede II1Issues and Answers (D2D)Dec 29th, 20232023-12-29listingsshows
Royce Mentor III1Live to Be WellFeb 8th, 20242024-02-08listingsshows
David Jones III1Issues and Answers (D2D)Nov 25th, 20232023-11-25listingsshows
Joseph Ikner23ABN Today, Issues and Answers (D2D)Oct 21st, 20232023-10-21listingsshows
Pr. Joseph Ikner1Issues and Answers (D2D)Oct 28th, 20232023-10-28listingsshows
Joshua Ikner1Issues and Answers (D2D)Jan 6th, 20242024-01-06listingsshows
Lotolua Ilaoa1Urban Report LongDec 30th, 20232023-12-30listingsshows
Mindy Isaac1Action 4 LifeFeb 19th, 20242024-02-19listingsshows
Mindy Isaacs4Action 4 LifeFeb 15th, 20242024-02-15listingsshows
Lisa Isensee13ABN TodayDec 23rd, 20232023-12-23listingsshows
Patricia Isom1Magnify HimFeb 3rd, 20242024-02-03listingsshows
Mindy Issacs1Action 4 LifeFeb 16th, 20242024-02-16listingsshows
Susan Cherne J.D.1Urban ReportFeb 16th, 20242024-02-16listingsshows
Ruthie Jacboson1Perfecting MeJan 31st, 20242024-01-31listingsshows
Laverne Jackson6From Sickness to HealthMar 1st, 20242024-03-01listingsshows
Samuel Lee Jackson1Free IndeedFeb 12th, 20242024-02-12listingsshows
Thomas Jackson12From Sickness to Health, The Divine PrescriptionMar 1st, 20242024-03-01listingsshows
Marquis Jackson7Pure ChoicesFeb 24th, 20242024-02-24listingsshows
Dr. Jackson1From Sickness to HealthFeb 9th, 20242024-02-09listingsshows
Dr. Thomas & Dr. Laverne Jackson1Urban Report LongJan 27th, 20242024-01-27listingsshows
Pr. Cory Jackson5Foundation of Our Faith, Urban ReportJan 27th, 20242024-01-27listingsshows
Dr. John Jacob1Urban ReportOct 25th, 20232023-10-25listingsshows
Ruthie Jacobson8Perfecting MeFeb 28th, 20242024-02-28listingsshows
Dahiana Jenkins1Celebrating Life in RecoveryOct 5th, 20232023-10-05listingsshows
Damien Jenkins1Celebrating Life in RecoveryOct 5th, 20232023-10-05listingsshows
Ashaala Sana Jenkins1Pure ChoicesFeb 13th, 20242024-02-13listingsshows
Mikey Jenny4A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing, 3ABN TodayFeb 28th, 20242024-02-28listingsshows
Donna Johnson1Free IndeedFeb 22nd, 20242024-02-22listingsshows
Rodney A. Johnson1Special FeatureJan 20th, 20242024-01-20listingsshows
Willette Johnson1Special FeatureJan 20th, 20242024-01-20listingsshows
Ryan Johnson14Imperative Life Lessons, Urban Report Long, Urban ReportFeb 27th, 20242024-02-27listingsshows
Michael Johnson2EngageFeb 28th, 20242024-02-28listingsshows
Alex Johnson1Magnify HimJan 28th, 20242024-01-28listingsshows
Robert Johnson1Urban ReportOct 4th, 20232023-10-04listingsshows
Yolanda Johnson2Strategies for StrongholdsFeb 27th, 20242024-02-27listingsshows
Ja'mon Johnson1Pure ChoicesFeb 25th, 20242024-02-25listingsshows
Zina Johnson13ABN Christmas SpecialDec 25th, 20232023-12-25listingsshows
Wayne Johnson1Pure ChoicesJan 11th, 20242024-01-11listingsshows
Jeffrey Johnston1Strategies for StrongholdsFeb 28th, 20242024-02-28listingsshows
Casio Jones44Action 4 LifeMar 1st, 20242024-03-01listingsshows
Michelle Jones2Free IndeedFeb 29th, 20242024-02-29listingsshows
Erika Jones1Magnify HimJan 18th, 20242024-01-18listingsshows
Courtney Jones1Free IndeedFeb 14th, 20242024-02-14listingsshows
Danita Jones15Magnify HimFeb 10th, 20242024-02-10listingsshows
Cheryl Jones1Issues and Answers (D2D)Nov 25th, 20232023-11-25listingsshows
Michael Jordan1Free IndeedFeb 22nd, 20242024-02-22listingsshows
Jaime Jorge3Multitude of Counselors, Praise Him NOWJan 16th, 20242024-01-16listingsshowsdetails
Dr Nadine Joseph-Collins12The Missing PeaceFeb 24th, 20242024-02-24listingsshows
Dr. Nadine Joseph-Collins2Urban Report, The Missing PeaceFeb 17th, 20242024-02-17listingsshows
Donnell Josiah1Magnify HimFeb 14th, 20242024-02-14listingsshows
Donnell & Denise Josiah1Magnify HimFeb 17th, 20242024-02-17listingsshows
Dr. Donnell Josiah1Urban ReportJan 24th, 20242024-01-24listingsshows
Keith Hackle Jr8Pure ChoicesFeb 5th, 20242024-02-05listingsshows
Jr2Pure ChoicesJan 29th, 20242024-01-29listingsshows
Michael Carducci Jr.1Celebrating Life in RecoveryDec 4th, 20232023-12-04listingsshows
Abraham Jules11Pathway of HopeMar 1st, 20242024-03-01listingsshows
Ezra St. Juste1Urban ReportDec 28th, 20232023-12-28listingsshows
Monet St. Juste1Urban ReportDec 28th, 20232023-12-28listingsshows
Valmy Karamera2EngageFeb 25th, 20242024-02-25listingsshows
Joy Kauffman2ASI Conventions, Urban ReportFeb 16th, 20242024-02-16listingsshows
Keeslers1Celebrating Life in RecoveryJan 22nd, 20242024-01-22listingsshows
Eric Kelly10Working The DreamFeb 29th, 20242024-02-29listingsshows
Brenda Kemp13Taste of ParadiseJan 9th, 20242024-01-09listingsshows
Larry Key1Live to Be WellDec 17th, 20232023-12-17listingsshows
Chaz Keys1Live to Be WellDec 7th, 20232023-12-07listingsshows
Dr. Nadeem Khan1Action 4 LifeFeb 19th, 20242024-02-19listingsshows
Peter Kibanyi1Urban ReportNov 6th, 20232023-11-06listingsshows
Shelton Kilby1Magnify HimJan 27th, 20242024-01-27listingsshows
Scott Kiley1Free IndeedFeb 8th, 20242024-02-08listingsshows
Kim1Free IndeedFeb 25th, 20242024-02-25listingsshows
Dr. Kim22Live to Be WellMar 1st, 20242024-03-01listingsshows
Colin King13For Guys Only.Mar 1st, 20242024-03-01listingsshows
Chelauna Chin King1Magnify HimFeb 1st, 20242024-02-01listingsshows
Raymond King5Pure Choices, Urban ReportFeb 28th, 20242024-02-28listingsshows
Dr. Andrea King1Issues and Answers (D2D)Nov 10th, 20232023-11-10listingsshows
Ché Chin King13ABN Christmas SpecialDec 25th, 20232023-12-25listingsshows
Renelle Chin King13ABN Christmas SpecialDec 25th, 20232023-12-25listingsshows
Nicole Kirkland1Live to Be WellFeb 16th, 20242024-02-16listingsshows
David Klinedinst13ABN TodaySep 30th, 20232023-09-30listingsshows
G. Earl Knight1Pathway of HopeFeb 25th, 20242024-02-25listingsshows
Rich Kollenberg1Celebrating Life in RecoveryFeb 28th, 20242024-02-28listingsshows
Susan Kollenberg1Celebrating Life in RecoveryFeb 28th, 20242024-02-28listingsshows
Michael Kontes1Celebrating Life in RecoveryFeb 1st, 20242024-02-01listingsshows
Jamie Kowlessar4Foundation of Our FaithDec 16th, 20232023-12-16listingsshows
Gary Krause13ABN TodayFeb 24th, 20242024-02-24listingsshows
Chad & Fadia Kreuzer2EngageFeb 16th, 20242024-02-16listingsshows
Roger Kubick1Pure ChoicesFeb 29th, 20242024-02-29listingsshows
Kerry Laframboise1Celebrating Life in RecoveryFeb 27th, 20242024-02-27listingsshows
Jacques Laguerre15Pure Choices, Urban ReportJan 5th, 20242024-01-05listingsshows
Dr. Ira Lake1Urban ReportJan 30th, 20242024-01-30listingsshows
Jennifer LaMountain7Love Me, Praise Him NOWFeb 28th, 20242024-02-28listingsshows
Jeanette Lane1Live to Be WellNov 9th, 20232023-11-09listingsshows
Rodney Laney13ABN Today LIVENov 23rd, 20232023-11-23listingsshows
Chris Lang1Urban ReportDec 26th, 20232023-12-26listingsshows
Johanahn Larsosa2Celebrating Life in RecoveryNov 27th, 20232023-11-27listingsshows
Jasahn Larsosa1Celebrating Life in RecoveryNov 27th, 20232023-11-27listingsshows
Wanda Latham1Live to Be WellDec 30th, 20232023-12-30listingsshows
Chef Tim Lawson28Chew's ChallengeFeb 27th, 20242024-02-27listingsshows
Timothy Lawson15Pure Choices, Urban ReportJan 5th, 20242024-01-05listingsshows
Tim Lawson1Urban ReportNov 23rd, 20232023-11-23listingsshows
Myesha Lawson14Pure ChoicesJan 5th, 20242024-01-05listingsshows
W. Derrick Lea2Urban Report, 3ABN TodayFeb 23rd, 20242024-02-23listingsshows
John Leaman7Body and Spirit, Celebrating Life in RecoveryFeb 23rd, 20242024-02-23listingsshows
William Lee26For Guys Only.Mar 1st, 20242024-03-01listingsshows
Rena Lee2Action 4 LifeFeb 21st, 20242024-02-21listingsshows
Ron & Celeste Lee1Celebrating Life in RecoveryJan 12th, 20242024-01-12listingsshows
Sherri-Lyn Legall1Urban ReportJan 21st, 20242024-01-21listingsshows
Dwayne Lemon55True Knowledge of Self, Love MeMar 1st, 20242024-03-01listingsshows
Pr. Dwayne Lemon3Foundation of Our FaithMar 1st, 20242024-03-01listingsshows
Miranda Lentz13ABN TodayNov 4th, 20232023-11-04listingsshows
Yvonne Lewis224Salvation in Symbols and Signs, Magnify Him, Dollars and Sense, From Sickness to Health, etcMar 1st, 20242024-03-01listingsshows
David & Marian Lewis1Urban ReportOct 5th, 20232023-10-05listingsshows
Lewis1Urban ReportJan 9th, 20242024-01-09listingsshows
Yvonne Lewis-Shelton283ABN Sabbath School Panel, 3ABN Today, Summer Camp Meeting, Urban Report, etcMar 1st, 20242024-03-01listingsshows
Dr. Yvonne Lewis-Shelton1Urban ReportJan 7th, 20242024-01-07listingsshows
Donna-Marie Lindsay2Taste of ParadiseDec 4th, 20232023-12-04listingsshows
Donna Marie Lindsay4Taste of ParadiseDec 24th, 20232023-12-24listingsshows
Donna Marie Linsay1Taste of ParadiseMar 1st, 20242024-03-01listingsshows
Chavvah Lister1Magnify HimFeb 10th, 20242024-02-10listingsshows
Oleg Litvak2A Wolf In Sheep's ClothingFeb 11th, 20242024-02-11listingsshows
Dr. Portia Lockett1Live to Be WellFeb 1st, 20242024-02-01listingsshows
Desmond Loftis1Free IndeedFeb 8th, 20242024-02-08listingsshows
Darrin Logan1New Journey, TheJan 7th, 20242024-01-07listingsshows
Kim Logan-Nowlin1Urban ReportNov 12th, 20232023-11-12listingsshows
Greg & Jill Morikone/John Lomaca13ABN TodayOct 27th, 20232023-10-27listingsshows
Angela Lomacang283ABN Today LIVE, Today Cooking, 3ABN Today Bible Q&A, Today Family Worship, etcFeb 27th, 20242024-02-27listingsshows
John & Angela Lomacang1Urban ReportOct 9th, 20232023-10-09listingsshows
John Lomacang198House Calls, 3ABN Today, Foundation of Our Faith, Anchors of Truth, etcMar 1st, 20242024-03-01listingsshowsdetails
Pastor John Lomacang21It's Coming, Thompsonville Worship Hour, A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing, 3ABN HomecomingFeb 27th, 20242024-02-27listingsshows
SHELLEY QUINN John Lomacang43ABN Homecoming, Summer Camp MeetingFeb 7th, 20242024-02-07listingsshows
John & Angie Lomacang13ABN TodayDec 8th, 20232023-12-08listingsshows
Robb Long13ABN TodaySep 30th, 20232023-09-30listingsshows
Oleg Lotca23ABN TodayJan 28th, 20242024-01-28listingsshows
Andre & Karen Louis6Pumped Up ParentsFeb 22nd, 20242024-02-22listingsshows
Paul Lowe8A Father's HeartDec 2nd, 20232023-12-02listingsshows
Rise Lowrey1Magnify HimJan 22nd, 20242024-01-22listingsshows
Annex Luberisse2New Journey, TheFeb 25th, 20242024-02-25listingsshows
Kitrell Lucas1New Journey, TheJan 29th, 20242024-01-29listingsshows
Constance Luckey1Dare To Dream Creative CookingJan 14th, 20242024-01-14listingsshows
Martha Jhoana De Luna13ABN TodayNov 25th, 20232023-11-25listingsshows
Yvonne Lweis1Magnify HimJan 23rd, 20242024-01-23listingsshows
Keisha & Trecia Lyon1New Journey, TheJan 12th, 20242024-01-12listingsshows
M.D.33ABN Today, Urban ReportMar 1st, 20242024-03-01listingsshows
Edwin A. Noyes M.D.1Urban ReportNov 5th, 20232023-11-05listingsshows
Tanner Maasdorp13ABN TodayFeb 9th, 20242024-02-09listingsshows
David Machado8White Horse Media, 3ABN Today, ASI Conventions, Urban ReportFeb 21st, 20242024-02-21listingsshows
Ryan Mack20Dollars and Sense, Live to Be Well, Urban ReportFeb 29th, 20242024-02-29listingsshows
Nwamiko Madden1From Sickness to HealthJan 12th, 20242024-01-12listingsshows
Mwamiko Madden1From Sickness to HealthFeb 3rd, 20242024-02-03listingsshows
Claire Madeus1New Journey, TheFeb 12th, 20242024-02-12listingsshows
Adyer Maldonado13ABN TodayJan 27th, 20242024-01-27listingsshows
Sargeant Vivian Malone1Free IndeedFeb 20th, 20242024-02-20listingsshows
Damas Manderson1Celebrating Life in RecoveryJan 4th, 20242024-01-04listingsshows
Shea Manhertz1Urban ReportFeb 13th, 20242024-02-13listingsshows
Tom Mann1Action 4 LifeJan 23rd, 20242024-01-23listingsshows
Tom & Vicki Mann1Celebrating Life in RecoveryOct 19th, 20232023-10-19listingsshows
Christy Mann1Free IndeedFeb 15th, 20242024-02-15listingsshows
Bryan Mann13ABN TodaySep 30th, 20232023-09-30listingsshows
Pastor Mark1Issues and Answers (D2D)Nov 11th, 20232023-11-11listingsshows
Cliff Marr1Urban ReportDec 30th, 20232023-12-30listingsshows
Pastor Floyd Marshall1Urban ReportDec 24th, 20232023-12-24listingsshows
Terrence Marshall2New Journey, The, Body and Spirit (new)Feb 11th, 20242024-02-11listingsshows
Pr. Lionel Martell1Urban ReportOct 16th, 20232023-10-16listingsshows
Clarence Martin1Live to Be WellFeb 18th, 20242024-02-18listingsshows
Malissa Martin1Live to Be WellJan 4th, 20242024-01-04listingsshows
Frazier Mathis1Urban ReportMar 1st, 20242024-03-01listingsshows
Virginia Mathis1Urban ReportMar 1st, 20242024-03-01listingsshows
Java Mattison4Issues and Answers (D2D)Mar 1st, 20242024-03-01listingsshows
Dajanae Maxwell8Pure ChoicesNov 25th, 20232023-11-25listingsshows
Scott Mayer9Media, Young people and the Country, Media, Young People And The Country (Campmeeting 2022), 3ABN TodayDec 22nd, 20232023-12-22listingsshows
Scotty Mayer6Battlefield Hollywood, Pseudology : The Art of Lying, 3ABN TodayFeb 17th, 20242024-02-17listingsshows
Ed McClure1Celebrating Life in RecoveryJan 10th, 20242024-01-10listingsshows
Joanie McCulloch1Celebrating Life in RecoveryDec 1st, 20232023-12-01listingsshows
Gene McDonald93ABN Christmas Special, 3ABN Homecoming, Summer Camp Meeting, 3ABN Music HighlightsFeb 28th, 20242024-02-28listingsshows
David McEwen1Free IndeedFeb 27th, 20242024-02-27listingsshows
Clifford McGee1Free IndeedFeb 20th, 20242024-02-20listingsshows
Daniel McGrath4EngageFeb 24th, 20242024-02-24listingsshows
Cheryl McGuinnes1Celebrating Life in RecoveryFeb 14th, 20242024-02-14listingsshows
Bob McKain1Celebrating Life in RecoveryDec 7th, 20232023-12-07listingsshows
Fran McKain1Celebrating Life in RecoveryDec 19th, 20232023-12-19listingsshows
Nadja McKenzie1Magnify HimFeb 13th, 20242024-02-13listingsshows
Camille McKenzie1Urban ReportJan 11th, 20242024-01-11listingsshows
Larry McLucas3Action 4 Life, Body and Spirit Aerobics, Today Family WorshipJan 16th, 20242024-01-16listingsshows
Pastor Carl McRoy1Urban ReportFeb 28th, 20242024-02-28listingsshows
MD12Amen Conference, Dare To Dream Creative Cooking, The Creator RevealedFeb 27th, 20242024-02-27listingsshows
Mary Holley MD2Celebrating Life in RecoveryJan 31st, 20242024-01-31listingsshows
Jewlee Meadows1Urban ReportNov 17th, 20232023-11-17listingsshows
Dr. Morgan Medlock3Foundation of Our FaithNov 4th, 20232023-11-04listingsshows
Lonnie Melashenko34Voice of Prophecy Speaks, Love Me, DocumentaryMar 1st, 20242024-03-01listingsshowsdetails
Ezra Mendinghall2Special FeatureJan 20th, 20242024-01-20listingsshows
Rick Mercer2Perfecting MeFeb 29th, 20242024-02-29listingsshows
Kennedi Meredith5Pumped Up ParentsFeb 22nd, 20242024-02-22listingsshows
Patricia Merilan1Free IndeedFeb 15th, 20242024-02-15listingsshows
Rocky Mertens1New Journey, TheJan 18th, 20242024-01-18listingsshows
Kamil Metz13ABN TodayDec 15th, 20232023-12-15listingsshows
Thomas Meyer1Free IndeedFeb 29th, 20242024-02-29listingsshows
Ivor Meyers1Urban ReportFeb 12th, 20242024-02-12listingsshows
Honorable Ben Micah1Urban ReportDec 20th, 20232023-12-20listingsshows
Rudy Micelli4Love MeFeb 28th, 20242024-02-28listingsshows
Moncrief Michael1Special FeatureJan 20th, 20242024-01-20listingsshows
Nelson Miles1Urban ReportDec 24th, 20232023-12-24listingsshows
DeMarrus Miller1New Journey, TheFeb 2nd, 20242024-02-02listingsshows
Milton Mills4From Sickness to HealthFeb 2nd, 20242024-02-02listingsshows
Purette D. Mills1Urban ReportDec 9th, 20232023-12-09listingsshows
Purette Mills1Urban ReportDec 24th, 20232023-12-24listingsshows
Jeanette Minley1Live to Be WellJan 26th, 20242024-01-26listingsshows
Billy Mirander1Urban ReportFeb 23rd, 20242024-02-23listingsshows
Anita Mitchel1Dare To Dream Creative CookingJan 7th, 20242024-01-07listingsshows
Claudette Mitchell1Urban ReportFeb 13th, 20242024-02-13listingsshows
Loretta Mix1Life After ChoiceFeb 2nd, 20242024-02-02listingsshows
Jeanne Mogusu18Pure ChoicesFeb 25th, 20242024-02-25listingsshows
Pierre Monice1Urban ReportFeb 4th, 20242024-02-04listingsshows
Taurus Montgomery1Urban ReportDec 3rd, 20232023-12-03listingsshows
James Moon1Celebrating Life in RecoveryDec 6th, 20232023-12-06listingsshows
Jason Moore1New Journey, TheJan 28th, 20242024-01-28listingsshows
Xavier Morales51Pure Choices, A Father's Heart, Urban ReportFeb 25th, 20242024-02-25listingsshows
Brittany-Hill Morales13Pure ChoicesJan 5th, 20242024-01-05listingsshows
Brittany Morgan1Free IndeedFeb 15th, 20242024-02-15listingsshows
Jill Morikone194HeartLift, 3ABN Today LIVE, 3ABN Homecoming, Summer Camp Meeting, etcMar 1st, 20242024-03-01listingsshows
Greg Morikone53Summer Camp Meeting, 3ABN Today LIVE, 3ABN Homecoming, 3ABN Today, etcFeb 27th, 20242024-02-27listingsshows
Greg & Jill Morikone43ABN Homecoming, 3ABN Today, Anchors of TruthFeb 22nd, 20242024-02-22listingsshows
David Shin Greg Morikone4Summer Camp Meeting, 3ABN HomecomingFeb 6th, 20242024-02-06listingsshows
John Lomacang Jill Morikone2Summer Camp Meeting, 3ABN HomecomingFeb 14th, 20242024-02-14listingsshows
Jill Morikone Greg Morikone83ABN Homecoming, Summer Camp MeetingMar 1st, 20242024-03-01listingsshows
Danny Shelton Greg Morikone4Summer Camp Meeting, 3ABN HomecomingFeb 19th, 20242024-02-19listingsshows
Daniel Morikone5Today Family Worship, 3ABN Today LIVE, 3ABN Today Bible Q&AJan 26th, 20242024-01-26listingsshows
Valerie Morikone4Today Family Worship, 3ABN Today LIVEJan 26th, 20242024-01-26listingsshows
Minerva M. Moriolé13ABN TodayFeb 3rd, 20242024-02-03listingsshows
Derek Morris52Hope Sabbath School, Life and Teachings of Christ, Love MeFeb 17th, 20242024-02-17listingsshowsdetails
Kayade Morris1Magnify HimFeb 28th, 20242024-02-28listingsshows
Gerri Morrison1Celebrating Life in RecoveryOct 10th, 20232023-10-10listingsshows
Morrison1Celebrating Life in RecoveryJan 23rd, 20242024-01-23listingsshows
Marva Mortley1Magnify HimJan 18th, 20242024-01-18listingsshows
MPH2Urban ReportFeb 16th, 20242024-02-16listingsshows
Erica Muhammed1Live to Be WellFeb 10th, 20242024-02-10listingsshows
Melanie Mullings1Urban ReportFeb 13th, 20242024-02-13listingsshows
Loren Mulraine1Magnify HimFeb 12th, 20242024-02-12listingsshows
Belinda Mulzac1Magnify HimJan 27th, 20242024-01-27listingsshows
C.A. Murray33His Harvest is Ready, Daniel All Access, Anchors of Truth, 3ABN On the Road, etcMar 1st, 20242024-03-01listingsshows
CA Murray22Foundation of Our Faith, Tiny Tots Worship, 3ABN Today, Daniel All Access, etcMar 1st, 20242024-03-01listingsshows
CA. Murray23ABN Today, Foundation of Our FaithDec 2nd, 20232023-12-02listingsshows
C. A. & Irma Murray13ABN TodayDec 22nd, 20232023-12-22listingsshows
Deon Muschette1Magnify HimFeb 20th, 20242024-02-20listingsshows
Lydia Muwanga1Urban ReportNov 6th, 20232023-11-06listingsshows
Muta Mwenya13For Guys Only.Mar 1st, 20242024-03-01listingsshows
Atonte Myers25Battles of FaithFeb 23rd, 20242024-02-23listingsshows
Ivor Myers138Salvation in Symbols and Signs, Battles of Faith, Urban ReportMar 1st, 20242024-03-01listingsshows
Ivor & Atonte Myers18Battles of FaithMar 1st, 20242024-03-01listingsshows
Bryan Myers1Celebrating Life in RecoveryNov 28th, 20232023-11-28listingsshows
Gene Nanton1Pure ChoicesFeb 27th, 20242024-02-27listingsshows
Gene & Bernadette Nanton1Pure ChoicesMar 1st, 20242024-03-01listingsshows
Julian Nash1Pure ChoicesJan 7th, 20242024-01-07listingsshows
Melusi Ndhlalambi13ABN TodayFeb 2nd, 20242024-02-02listingsshows
Esther Alonso Neal2Magnify Him, Love MeFeb 10th, 20242024-02-10listingsshows
Lauldi Nedd1Pure ChoicesFeb 16th, 20242024-02-16listingsshows
Joleen Neighboro1Celebrating Life in RecoveryFeb 22nd, 20242024-02-22listingsshows
Tyrone Nelson2Free IndeedFeb 26th, 20242024-02-26listingsshows
Pr. Joshua Nelson23Pure ChoicesFeb 25th, 20242024-02-25listingsshows
Joshua Nelson29Pure ChoicesDec 21st, 20232023-12-21listingsshows
Timothy Newman1Free IndeedFeb 21st, 20242024-02-21listingsshows
Adele Newman2Strategies for StrongholdsFeb 13th, 20242024-02-13listingsshows
Penny Nickels1Pure ChoicesJan 12th, 20242024-01-12listingsshows
Timothy Nixon1Urban ReportOct 12th, 20232023-10-12listingsshows
Joyful Noise1Magnify HimJan 22nd, 20242024-01-22listingsshows
Steven Norman1Magnify HimFeb 6th, 20242024-02-06listingsshows
Dr. Kim Nowlin25Live to Be WellFeb 29th, 20242024-02-29listingsshows
Julia O'Carey3ASAP Ministries, ASI Conventions, 3ABN TodayFeb 5th, 20242024-02-05listingsshows
Michelle Odinma13ABN TodayDec 15th, 20232023-12-15listingsshows
Mylynda Ortiz1Celebrating Life in RecoveryJan 31st, 20242024-01-31listingsshows
Julia Outkina23Recipes from Russia, Urban ReportMar 1st, 20242024-03-01listingsshows
April Overbey1Free IndeedFeb 8th, 20242024-02-08listingsshows
Donald Owen7Today Family Worship, Pause to Pray, New Journey, The, 3ABN TodayFeb 24th, 20242024-02-24listingsshows
Janelle & Donald Owen1Celebrating Life in RecoveryJan 3rd, 20242024-01-03listingsshows
Pr. Taj Pacleb20Revelation of Hope (Pacleb), Anchors of Truth, Urban ReportFeb 26th, 20242024-02-26listingsshows
Taj Pacleb30Agents of Change, Anchors of Truth, The Art of End-Time Preaching, Love Me, etcFeb 24th, 20242024-02-24listingsshows
Mark Paden26Raw Questions Relevant AnswersMar 1st, 20242024-03-01listingsshows
Schubert Palmer7From Sickness to Health, Love MeFeb 21st, 20242024-02-21listingsshows
Yolanda Palmer4Love MeFeb 24th, 20242024-02-24listingsshows
David Pano23ABN TodayFeb 22nd, 20242024-02-22listingsshows
Krishel Panton1Pure ChoicesFeb 13th, 20242024-02-13listingsshows
Logan Parchamento8Love MeFeb 28th, 20242024-02-28listingsshows
Nicole Parker8Multitude of Counselors, Urban ReportFeb 27th, 20242024-02-27listingsshows
Gina Parker2Life After ChoiceFeb 29th, 20242024-02-29listingsshows
Dr. Magna Parks1Urban ReportOct 31st, 20232023-10-31listingsshows
David Parnell1Celebrating Life in RecoveryFeb 29th, 20242024-02-29listingsshows
Tim Parton993ABN Kids Camp Sing Along, Your Favorites By Request, 3ABN Christmas Special, Praise Him NOW, etcMar 1st, 20242024-03-01listingsshows
Mark Payne43ABN Christmas SpecialDec 25th, 20232023-12-25listingsshows
Walter Pearson75Breath of Life "Walter Pearson"Mar 1st, 20242024-03-01listingsshows
Robert Pearson1Live to Be WellMar 1st, 20242024-03-01listingsshows
Kimberly Pearson14Pure ChoicesFeb 23rd, 20242024-02-23listingsshows
Kim Pearson9Pure ChoicesDec 8th, 20232023-12-08listingsshows
Julie Penner4Love MeFeb 21st, 20242024-02-21listingsshows
Daniel Perrin403ABN Today Bible Q&A, 3ABN Kids Camp Bible Gems, 3ABN Today, 3ABN Homecoming, etcMar 1st, 20242024-03-01listingsshows
Dustin Pestlin5Final Days, Urban ReportMar 1st, 20242024-03-01listingsshows
Neville Peter7Love Me, 3ABN Christmas SpecialFeb 24th, 20242024-02-24listingsshows
Cheri Peters118Celebrating Life in Recovery, 3ABN On the Road, Urban ReportMar 1st, 20242024-03-01listingsshows
Brad Peters3Celebrating Life in RecoveryDec 20th, 20232023-12-20listingsshows
Shedria Petty1Magnify HimJan 23rd, 20242024-01-23listingsshows
Colin King PhD13For Guys Only.Feb 17th, 20242024-02-17listingsshows
Abraham Jules PhD4Foundation of Our FaithJan 13th, 20242024-01-13listingsshows
Alexa Philassaint1Pure ChoicesFeb 13th, 20242024-02-13listingsshows
Wintley Phipps22Love Me, 3ABN Homecoming, 3ABN Today, Special Feature, etcFeb 29th, 20242024-02-29listingsshows
Luke Pierson1Celebrating Life in RecoveryFeb 20th, 20242024-02-20listingsshows
Mark Pierson1Celebrating Life in RecoveryFeb 20th, 20242024-02-20listingsshows
Mia Pile1Urban ReportJan 3rd, 20242024-01-03listingsshows
Kayla Pina1EngageFeb 29th, 20242024-02-29listingsshows
Siki Plang1Celebrating Life in RecoveryOct 6th, 20232023-10-06listingsshows
Dr. Jeff Porter1Live to Be WellFeb 17th, 20242024-02-17listingsshows
Alex Porter1Dare To Dream Creative CookingNov 16th, 20232023-11-16listingsshows
Porter1Celebrating Life in RecoveryJan 18th, 20242024-01-18listingsshows
Ron Porterfield1Urban ReportOct 30th, 20232023-10-30listingsshows
Jacqueline Powell1Dare To Dream Creative CookingJan 18th, 20242024-01-18listingsshows
Barbara Powell-Love1Dare To Dream Creative CookingJan 28th, 20242024-01-28listingsshows
Mark Prentice1Magnify HimFeb 18th, 20242024-02-18listingsshows
Melody Prettyman1Celebrating Life in RecoveryFeb 7th, 20242024-02-07listingsshows
Clive Coutet/Eugene Prewitt13ABN TodayOct 27th, 20232023-10-27listingsshows
Dr. Sabrina Prieur1Magnify HimJan 21st, 20242024-01-21listingsshows
Cynthia Prime2ASI Conventions, 3ABN TodayFeb 10th, 20242024-02-10listingsshows
Moses Primo43ABN Today LIVE, 3ABN Homecoming, Body and SpiritFeb 9th, 20242024-02-09listingsshows
Breath of Life Quartet1Magnify HimFeb 15th, 20242024-02-15listingsshows
Shelley Quinn210Spotless, 3ABN Today, The Creator Revealed, Exalting His Word, etcMar 1st, 20242024-03-01listingsshows
J.D. Quinn293ABN Today LIVE, 3ABN Today Bible Q&A, Today Family Worship, Perfecting Me, etcFeb 27th, 20242024-02-27listingsshows
J. D. Quinn2Heaven's Point of View, Perfecting MeDec 27th, 20232023-12-27listingsshows
Alvy Quispe1Celebrating Life in RecoveryDec 8th, 20232023-12-08listingsshows
Rene Quispe1Celebrating Life in RecoveryDec 11th, 20232023-12-11listingsshows
Steven Radford1New Journey, TheDec 31st, 20232023-12-31listingsshows
James Rafferty240Table Talk, 3ABN Sabbath School Panel, Anchors of Truth, 3ABN Today, etcMar 1st, 20242024-03-01listingsshowsdetails
Rise Rafferty22Made for Health, 3ABN Today, 3ABN Today LIVE, Urban ReportMar 1st, 20242024-03-01listingsshows
Ryan Day James Rafferty3Summer Camp Meeting, 3ABN HomecomingJan 28th, 20242024-01-28listingsshows
Mindi Rahn2EngageFeb 6th, 20242024-02-06listingsshows
Elijah Rainney1Pure ChoicesJan 20th, 20242024-01-20listingsshows
Ivan Raj8Today Cooking, A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing, 3ABN Today, Urban ReportFeb 14th, 20242024-02-14listingsshows
Adam Ramdin36Lineage Journey, Season 1, Lineage, 3ABN Today, Undaunted Courage, etcMar 1st, 20242024-03-01listingsshows
Palischer Ratliff1Celebrating Life in RecoveryNov 29th, 20232023-11-29listingsshows
Dr. Raxwal1Action 4 LifeFeb 20th, 20242024-02-20listingsshows
Kwan Dukes Reese1Magnify HimFeb 22nd, 20242024-02-22listingsshows
Lorenzo Reid1Free IndeedFeb 26th, 20242024-02-26listingsshows
Ivonne Restrepo3Strategies for StrongholdsFeb 21st, 20242024-02-21listingsshows
Jim Reynolds23ABN TodayJan 20th, 20242024-01-20listingsshows
Anthony Rice1Free IndeedFeb 22nd, 20242024-02-22listingsshows
Michael & Tanja Richards1New Journey, TheJan 5th, 20242024-01-05listingsshows
Shondolyn Richardson1Magnify HimJan 26th, 20242024-01-26listingsshows
Margaret Richardson1Magnify HimFeb 24th, 20242024-02-24listingsshows
Marquita Richarson1Magnify HimFeb 22nd, 20242024-02-22listingsshows
Kent Riffel13ABN TodayJan 27th, 20242024-01-27listingsshows
Scott Ritsema97Digital Disconnect, Media on the Brain, Second Beast Rising, The Seven Deadly Myths in Christianity, etcFeb 29th, 20242024-02-29listingsshows
Max Rivera1Celebrating Life in RecoveryFeb 26th, 20242024-02-26listingsshows
Deidre Robinson1Magnify HimFeb 4th, 20242024-02-04listingsshows
Krystal Robinson1Celebrating Life in RecoveryNov 24th, 20232023-11-24listingsshows
Moletta Robinson2Issues and Answers (D2D)Feb 23rd, 20242024-02-23listingsshows
Victor Rodriguez1Magnify HimFeb 8th, 20242024-02-08listingsshows
Jeannette Rodriguez1Celebrating Life in RecoveryJan 15th, 20242024-01-15listingsshows
Ariel Roldan2EngageFeb 21st, 20242024-02-21listingsshows
Jay Rosario6Engage, 3ABN On the RoadFeb 24th, 20242024-02-24listingsshows
Jeffrey Rosario61Table TalkMar 1st, 20242024-03-01listingsshows
Jeff Rosario2Table TalkFeb 26th, 20242024-02-26listingsshows
Duane Ross1Celebrating Life in RecoveryOct 11th, 20232023-10-11listingsshows
Mike Ryan13ABN TodayFeb 24th, 20242024-02-24listingsshows
Roy Sadler1Live to Be WellDec 28th, 20232023-12-28listingsshows
Lisia Sadler1Live to Be WellDec 28th, 20232023-12-28listingsshows
Jim Said5From Sickness to HealthJan 6th, 20242024-01-06listingsshows
Laura Saladind1Pure ChoicesNov 10th, 20232023-11-10listingsshows
Christine Salter2Urban Report, Wonderfully MadeJan 2nd, 20242024-01-02listingsshows
Anika Sampson1Love MeFeb 10th, 20242024-02-10listingsshows
Anika Sampson-Anderson3Love MeFeb 21st, 20242024-02-21listingsshows
Lesile & Marguerite Samuels1Magnify HimFeb 6th, 20242024-02-06listingsshows
Ralph Sanchez2Body and Spirit (new), Celebrating Life in RecoveryFeb 29th, 20242024-02-29listingsshows
Denise Sanderson1Urban ReportNov 1st, 20232023-11-01listingsshows
David Sanderson1Urban ReportNov 2nd, 20232023-11-02listingsshows
Troy Sandifar1Free IndeedFeb 7th, 20242024-02-07listingsshows
Virna & Lisa Santos2EngageFeb 9th, 20242024-02-09listingsshows
Lisa & Virna Santos1Pure ChoicesFeb 10th, 20242024-02-10listingsshows
Sandra Santos1Celebrating Life in RecoveryJan 3rd, 20242024-01-03listingsshows
Virna Santos1Celebrating Life in RecoveryJan 3rd, 20242024-01-03listingsshows
Tracy Satterwhite1Magnify HimFeb 13th, 20242024-02-13listingsshows
Brian & Ann Savinsky13ABN TodaySep 29th, 20232023-09-29listingsshows
Andrew Scarborough1Live to Be WellFeb 24th, 20242024-02-24listingsshows
DonnaKaye Scarlett1Pure ChoicesFeb 16th, 20242024-02-16listingsshows
Kyle Scarlett6Pure ChoicesNov 25th, 20232023-11-25listingsshows
Donna Kaye Scarlett2Pure ChoicesNov 24th, 20232023-11-24listingsshows
Susan Schnell1Urban ReportJan 6th, 20242024-01-06listingsshows
Arthur Schofield13ABN TodayFeb 17th, 20242024-02-17listingsshows
Adam Schutte1Celebrating Life in RecoveryDec 15th, 20232023-12-15listingsshows
Jennifer Jill Schwirzer50Multitude of Counselors, Intimate Clarity, Celebrating Life in RecoveryMar 1st, 20242024-03-01listingsshows
Dr. Jennifer Jill Schwirzer4Strategies for Strongholds, 3ABN TodayFeb 16th, 20242024-02-16listingsshows
Amanda Scott1New Journey, TheJan 8th, 20242024-01-08listingsshows
Sharri Scott2Pure ChoicesJan 20th, 20242024-01-20listingsshows
Serenity1Magnify HimJan 31st, 20242024-01-31listingsshows
Vic Van Shaik13ABN TodaySep 30th, 20232023-09-30listingsshows
Brian Shaul1Celebrating Life in RecoveryDec 13th, 20232023-12-13listingsshows
Chris Shelton63Today Family Worship, 3ABN Today LIVE, Summer Camp Meeting, 3ABN Homecoming, etcMar 1st, 20242024-03-01listingsshows
Kenny Shelton1173ABN Sabbath School Panel, 3ABN Worship Hour, Today Family Worship, 3ABN Today, etcMar 1st, 20242024-03-01listingsshows
Danny Shelton773ABN Today, 3ABN Today LIVE, 3ABN Christmas Special, 3ABN Homecoming, etcFeb 27th, 20242024-02-27listingsshowsdetails
Kenny & Chris Shelton63ABN Today, !Dna 3ABN Today, 3ABN Homecoming, Today Family WorshipFeb 25th, 20242024-02-25listingsshows
Danny & Yvonne Shelton33ABN Christmas Special, 3ABN HomecomingFeb 25th, 20242024-02-25listingsshows
Yvonne Shelton95Urban Report, 3ABN Christmas Special, 3ABN Today, 3ABN Today LIVE, etcMar 1st, 20242024-03-01listingsshows
James Rafferty Yvonne Shelton43ABN Homecoming, Summer Camp MeetingFeb 28th, 20242024-02-28listingsshows
Kenny Shelton Chris Shelton1Behold the Lamb PresentsJan 4th, 20242024-01-04listingsshows
Michael Shepperd1New Journey, TheJan 4th, 20242024-01-04listingsshows
Kendor Shy1New Journey, TheJan 19th, 20242024-01-19listingsshows
Cheryl Simmons1Live to Be WellJan 6th, 20242024-01-06listingsshows
Willie Simon2Free IndeedFeb 19th, 20242024-02-19listingsshows
Courtney Simpson1Free IndeedFeb 25th, 20242024-02-25listingsshows
Chas Singer1Free IndeedFeb 13th, 20242024-02-13listingsshows
David Singer1Free IndeedFeb 13th, 20242024-02-13listingsshows
Love At Work Singers1Love MeFeb 17th, 20242024-02-17listingsshows
The Holmes Sisters12Dare To Dream Creative CookingFeb 29th, 20242024-02-29listingsshows
Holmes Sisters1Magnify HimFeb 25th, 20242024-02-25listingsshows
Alanzo & June Smith7Families for HeavenMar 1st, 20242024-03-01listingsshows
Reggie & Ladye Love Smith53ABN Christmas Special, 3ABN Homecoming, 3ABN Today, Summer Camp MeetingFeb 25th, 20242024-02-25listingsshowsdetails
Reggie Smith113ABN Christmas Special, Summer Camp Meeting, 3ABN HomecomingJan 15th, 20242024-01-15listingsshows
Carol Smith1Free IndeedFeb 25th, 20242024-02-25listingsshows
Ladye Love Smith113ABN Christmas Special, Summer Camp Meeting, 3ABN HomecomingJan 15th, 20242024-01-15listingsshows
Genoveve Smith1Strategies for StrongholdsFeb 14th, 20242024-02-14listingsshows
Pastor Michael Smith3Life After ChoiceMar 1st, 20242024-03-01listingsshows
Chaplain Belinda M Smith2Urban Report, 3ABN TodayJan 18th, 20242024-01-18listingsshows
Belinda Smith1Urban ReportDec 24th, 20232023-12-24listingsshows
Leslie Jackson Smith1Taste of ParadiseJan 9th, 20242024-01-09listingsshows
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Alessandra Sorace3Love MeFeb 24th, 20242024-02-24listingsshows
Nestor Soriano2EngageFeb 23rd, 20242024-02-23listingsshows
Erica Soule1Free IndeedFeb 15th, 20242024-02-15listingsshows
Allison Speer63ABN Kids Camp Sing Along, 3ABN Christmas SpecialMar 1st, 20242024-03-01listingsshows
Steven Foster Sr.1Free IndeedFeb 8th, 20242024-02-08listingsshows
Sr.1Urban ReportNov 10th, 20232023-11-10listingsshows
Christopher M. Clark Sr.1Urban ReportFeb 10th, 20242024-02-10listingsshows
Pr. Byron Hill Sr.1Urban ReportFeb 19th, 20242024-02-19listingsshows
Dr. Stanley1Action 4 LifeFeb 21st, 20242024-02-21listingsshows
Joshua Stansel1Free IndeedFeb 8th, 20242024-02-08listingsshows
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Haylee Staton1Celebrating Life in RecoveryNov 15th, 20232023-11-15listingsshows
Barry Steed1Celebrating Life in RecoveryOct 4th, 20232023-10-04listingsshows
Ra’Shall Steed1Issues and Answers (D2D)Oct 20th, 20232023-10-20listingsshows
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Ra'Shall Steede1Issues and Answers (D2D)Jan 5th, 20242024-01-05listingsshows
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Dr. E.T. Stoddart1Perfecting MeJan 31st, 20242024-01-31listingsshows
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Eda Stoll1Urban ReportJan 6th, 20242024-01-06listingsshows
Mike Stone1Celebrating Life in RecoveryOct 4th, 20232023-10-04listingsshows
Johnny Suarez1EngageFeb 14th, 20242024-02-14listingsshows
Jeremy & Heidi Summerlin2Celebrating Life in RecoveryNov 8th, 20232023-11-08listingsshows
Dan Summers1Action 4 LifeJan 22nd, 20242024-01-22listingsshows
Dan 'Curly' Summers1Action 4 LifeFeb 5th, 20242024-02-05listingsshows
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Pam Talley1Celebrating Life in RecoveryFeb 21st, 20242024-02-21listingsshows
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Michael Terrell1Live to Be WellFeb 3rd, 20242024-02-03listingsshows
Evita Tezeno100Taste of Paradise, Urban ReportMar 1st, 20242024-03-01listingsshows
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Lauren Thomas4Pumped Up ParentsFeb 29th, 20242024-02-29listingsshows
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Claude & Jocelyn Thomas1Urban ReportFeb 1st, 20242024-02-01listingsshows
Shirley Ann Thomas-Laurencin2Magnify HimFeb 11th, 20242024-02-11listingsshows
Mark Thornton1Celebrating Life in RecoveryFeb 8th, 20242024-02-08listingsshows
Cheryl Roach Thorpe1Urban ReportOct 3rd, 20232023-10-03listingsshows
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Steven Todd1Free IndeedFeb 20th, 20242024-02-20listingsshows
Pastor Todd2Life After ChoiceFeb 29th, 20242024-02-29listingsshows
Cynthia Tolbert1Urban ReportNov 8th, 20232023-11-08listingsshows
Kevin Tom1Action 4 LifeJan 24th, 20242024-01-24listingsshows
Sherice Tomlin43ABN Christmas Special, Magnify HimFeb 12th, 20242024-02-12listingsshows
Kevin Toms3Action 4 LifeMar 1st, 20242024-03-01listingsshows
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Richard Valenzuela4Issues and Answers (D2D)Dec 22nd, 20232023-12-22listingsshows
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Angela Vandervalk6Today Family Worship, Urban Report, 3ABN Today LIVEFeb 9th, 20242024-02-09listingsshows
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Danny & Emily Wells1Life After ChoiceMar 1st, 20242024-03-01listingsshows
Jackie Welsh1Free IndeedFeb 12th, 20242024-02-12listingsshows
Portia Westfall1Free IndeedFeb 15th, 20242024-02-15listingsshows
Laura Whidden1Multitude of CounselorsMar 1st, 20242024-03-01listingsshows
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Shanice Whitely2New Journey, The, Urban ReportFeb 19th, 20242024-02-19listingsshows
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Lance Wilbur46True Knowledge of SelfMar 1st, 20242024-03-01listingsshows
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Williams1Celebrating Life in RecoveryJan 18th, 20242024-01-18listingsshows
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Yvonne1Urban ReportJan 9th, 20242024-01-09listingsshows
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Jesse Zwicker1Urban ReportNov 9th, 20232023-11-09listingsshows